Cream TV Cover

19-20″ Universal Television Cover


These universal covers will fit a wide variety (90-95%) of 19-20″ LCD Flatpanel Televisions with a tight custom look. Check the measurement on the item to be sure it will fit your TV.


Warranty: 2 Years

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Protect your HD Television from dust, debris, fingerprints, moisture, wind, water, etc. with a handcrafted protective cover for your Flat Panel Televisions. Our tv covers provide excellent protection for any indoor or light outdoor tv use.

Cover Features:

  • This universal cover is ready to ship
  • Fits all wall and ceiling mounts: This outdoor cover fits a wide variety (90-95%) of 19-20″ wall mounted LCD/Flat Panel Televisions with a tight, custom look. verify with the Size Table Below
  • QUICK install, secure , and release –Our cord lock and grommet system promotes one person install
  • Single-pull tightening system, Easy to Reach, tighten using a combination of a durable cord and grommets.
  • Our covers have a durable outer shell- Our material is a water resistant PVC vinyl.
  • Durable Cover – This outdoor tv cover will outlast your TV!
  • Soft on the Inside! Synthetic Cotton polyester scratch resistant inner lining.
  • Non-organic materials (All Material- even the thread!) protect against mold in humid climates.
  • Non Porous Material. Excellent water resistance. We are on many ships and boats.
  • UV protected. We are based in Arizona! You bet this has been thoroughly researched and proven in the Desert.
  • Flame-retardant
  • Marine grade vinyl Corrosion and rust Resistant Nickel grommet .
  • 30 day money back Guarantee and 2 year workmanship warranty!

Don’t except Cheap imitations, we have the original Patent Pending design. This is a Smartly designed cover that looks great in any environment.

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