Sonic Kit


Heavy duty stainless steel contsruction, keyed trigger, no false alarms, 10′ tether included.

Installs in minutes with included 2 part epoxy, alarm with included Key

Works on Plasma Screens, LCD Panels, Video Projectors or other expensive elactrioncs.

Battery monitors for years, 120db alarm rings for hours when tripped.

Just wrap the tether cable around a fixed object, and set the trigger.

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Sonic Shock is an extremely loud audible alarm for your flat panel television, LCD projector, or computer. For each one of those a thief takes, he has to take our sounding alarm with them. Everyone hears him. Worse, he can’t hear anything else – someone coming for instance. It’s a lethal combination, one that’s completely eliminated theft of our customers’ high value equipment. Shock’s siren is triggered by cutting or unplugging a 10 foot electronically monitored tether. There’s no motion trigger, so no false alarms. Once tripped, the siren sounds over 2 hours. Built specifically for commercial and institutional use, Shock is simple, reliable, and tough. Its metal parts are 1/16th inch stainless steel. Its battery will probably outlast your equipment. It’s reusable. Its lock cores can be replaced. It’s impervious to false alarms. It’s proven to stop theft. Better than central alarms. Better than cameras. Better than cables.

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